Wall tiles are typically Ceramic Tiles which are manufactured using red, brown, or white clay. AWall Tiles typical Ceramic Tile is digitally imprinted with a pattern or a design on top and then coated with a glass-based glaze. We have a distinctive range of special feature tiles which includes Glass & stone mosaics and textured tiles to suit your requirements.

The reason behind the ubiquity of wall tiles is the availability of wide range of wall tiles in the shops today. The appearance and ambience of your room is highly dependent of your selection of wall tiles, hence your decision will be extremely critical than your shower or bathroom suite in terms of visual appeal. At the point when picking tiles there are numerous choices to be made and these will be impacted by numerous variables. These elements can limit your choices however will assist in making crucial decision against the overwhelming availability of wall tiles. The look and the presentation of chosen tile is imperative and should ensure that your endeavour results in-accordance to your unique requirements.

Our extensive range of wall tiles can be used as kitchen splash-backs, kitchen walls, bathroom walls and nonetheless shower interiors. Tiles come in gloss and matt finish. Gloss tiles have a reflective and smooth surface that bounces light, making a room seem brighter and often bigger. This lighting trick makes them perfect for wall tiles in bathrooms.


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