Dada Tiles Policy : 

  • We like this things :

    1. 100 % Correct Measurement

    2. 100% Money at Order Time

    3. 100 % Correct Delivery Time

  • We are selling items at Wholesale  Price, If you not sure then don’t buy it , we will not take Return or Not Swap left over boxes in any condition.
  • If you want to buy bigger size tiles Or wooden look strips Or Glazed tiles then bring your tiler or someone , who knows about tiles to have a look it because while at the time of tiling, customer can’t find tiler or tiler doesn’t want to install that size then customer lying at the end like tiles not good, bend etc excuses. We will not give any refund or swap to small size tiles at the end (No Drama At All).
  • No Returns at All .
  • We will NOT take any left over tiles back (or) NOT swap tiles with other boxes of tiles because it creates problems due to different batch variation.
  • If Found color variation in tiles inside boxes then don’t install it , We can replace it but we are not responsible after tiles installation .
  • We will replace only defective items , check boxes once delivery done & let us know within 2 days of delivery, Doesn’t matter you start Installation or not .
  • Our Measurement is 90% accuracy, talk to your tiler for more accuracy or work out your self .
  • Make sure you buy the enough stock for your Project because tiles are run out quickly and no guarantee will get in future.

Storage & Loading Terms:

  • Dada Tiles extends the courtesy of allowing 2 weeks to collect your goods.  However due to limited space, after 2 weeks of invoicing, we will apply a $50 per pallet per week storage charge payable upon release of goods.
  • If you want to pick up your order then we will load it on the trailer, ute, truck etc by forklift, no problem but we will not load full pallet by hand in to your car. If you want to do it then we will charge handling fees $25 per pallet or $50 per hour per person.


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